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Colorado Area Residents Discover White Supremacist Fliers in their Driveways

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Residents in a Westminster neighborhood woke up Sunday morning to find white supremacist fliers had been left in their driveways during the night, according to police.

The Westminster Police Department (WPD) took at least two calls about the materials in the 11200 block of Kendall Street, which is in the area of West 112th Avenue and Westminster Boulevard, a police spokesperson said.

An officer who went to the scene early Sunday ended up taking reports from four residences, the WPD spokesperson said. There could be more reports that come in later, she said.

Two residents who received the materials shared photos with 9NEWS that show a sandwich bag filled with rocks to keep it from blowing away, and a flier in the bag saying “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” with a swastika. The flier also included contact information for a white supremacy organization based in Spokane, Washington.

The WPD spokesperson said the incidents would be investigated. She said they could possibly be a hate crime but that would have to be determined through the investigation.