Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Antisemitic Fliers Blaming the 9/11 Attacks on Jews Found in Denver

Just days after the start of Hanukkah, a resident discovered antisemitic fliers posted around the uptown neighborhood of Denver.

A woman named Jess shared photos of the fliers with Denver7. She said she spotted them on light poles and fencing off of East 18th Avenue on Dec. 2nd. “They were bright green stickers posted right at eye level, so it’s really hard to miss,” she said. “It’s really alarming.”

The antisemitic messages associated Jewish people and Israel with deadly terrorist attacks in the United States. Jess said she took the fliers down after reading the hateful messages.

An antisemitic group is named on the fliers; its members, antisemites and white supremacists, are thought to be the distributors.

Denver Police said they’re aware of the flyers and looking into the matter.