Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Young People See Hamas as Part of the Movement for Social Justice – StopAntisemitism Director

Liora Rez, Executive Director of StopAntisemitism, a watchdog organization that publicly exposes antisemitic behavior and creates consequences for those who espouse bigotry toward the Jewish people, said that the most dangerous trend in today’s climate of antisemitism is the false equivalence between Hamas terrorism and the struggle for social justice.

“It is surreal to see younger generations believe that they are on the side of the oppressed as they celebrate antisemitic savagery,” she stated.

Rez was interviewed by Steve Linde, editor-in-chief of the Jerusalem Report, at the Jerusalem Post Second Front Conference.

In response to Linde’s query as to how the landscape of antisemitism has changed since October 7, Rez said, “All the masks have come off.”

“Antisemites around the world are using the massacre to air their grievances against the Jewish state as a fig leaf for their hate, revealing their bigotry. If this were about Israel, a synagogue would not be vandalized. Jewish students would not be targeted, and hostage posters of kidnapped children would not be ripped down.”

The ripping down of the posters displaying the names and faces of those kidnapped by Hamas, says Raz, is significant because it indicates a deep-seated hatred. “Taking down posters indicates a callous disregard for the suffering of Jewish hostages and their families. It is an affront to human dignity that cannot help but be antisemitic. Imagine how much hate it takes to rip down a poster of a missing baby.”

Rez stated that antisemitism on social media plays a role in antisemitic activity. “They go hand in hand. Social media firms have a responsibility to crack down on this activity – and the groundswell of antisemitic and pro-terror context online continues to foment violence against Jews on a global scale.”

When people spot antisemitism, she said, they should report it. “Do not turn a blind eye to what is happening. If you see something, we want to hear about it. Report it to stopantisemitism.org.