Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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South Florida Couple’s Religious Books Damaged and Defaced with Antisemitic Message

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Their loved ones were killed by Nazis during World War II. Now a Boynton Beach couple said they’re the victims of a hate crime. Their religious books were damaged after being sent in the mail.

Hindy and Michael Kierman both share a connection to the Holocaust. “Both my wife and I have been raised as Orthodox Jewish families and we keep that tradition,” Michael Kierman said.

But their faith was shaken after recently relocating to Boynton Beach. “We sent nine boxes from our home in East Brunswick, New Jersey,” Kierman said.

The Kiermans said they mailed the boxes through UPS at the beginning of November, but only seven boxes arrived. One is still missing, and the ninth box ended up in Boca Raton.

When the Kiermans tracked the box down, it’s what they found inside that made their blood boil.

The Five Books of Moses were torn and damaged. The Kiermans also said an antisemitic message, too graphic to show, was written on the bottom of the box.

The Kiermans told WPTV they filed a report with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office and tried contacting UPS for weeks but didn’t get a call back until WPTV got involved.