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School Bus Filled with Jewish Children Attacked in Brooklyn

COLLIVE is reporting a rock was hurled at the window of a school bus filled with children from a Jewish school in Crown Heights on Tuesday. The bus was transporting elementary school-aged girls of Bais Rivkah girls school in Crown Heights.

The bus driver told police that the bus was traveling north on New York Avenue when the bus was hit by a rock, causing a side window of the bus to crack. The driver said he didn’t immediately know about the attack, but a child on the bus informed him about it.

A second bus driver witnessed the incident. He described seeing a group of kids approximately 15 years old, throwing rocks.

A report was taken, and the 71st Precinct is awaiting video to proceed with the investigation.

Source: https://collive.com/bais-rivkah-bus-attacked-with-rock/