Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Ohio State University Jewish Fraternity Members Verbally Accosted

Jewish students at OSU woke up to people yelling antisemitic phrases outside their home Sunday morning. Columbus police said the people also threw items at the house.

“It’s horrifying, It’s very unsettling,” Daniel Brener, an OSU student and president of Alpha Epsilon Pi told ABC 6.

“You always want your fraternity brothers to feel safe, especially in our own house, and especially at school,” Brener said. “When you’re being targeted for who you are, it really makes us upset.

Brener said his fraternity brothers saw two suspects, and one was wearing a mask.

“You don’t ever think it can happen to you, but when it does, it almost makes a little bit of sense,” he said.

This is the latest example of antisemitism on OSU’s campus. In November, two women allegedly vandalized Israeli flags on campus. Hours later, police report two Jewish students were assaulted near campus.

“The fact that it continues to happen is outrageous, and it makes it even more upsetting,” Brener said.

“This is designed to intimidate Jewish students to make them afraid not to promote their their Jewish identity, to make them afraid to affiliate or associate with Jewish institutions and organizations,” Jon Pierce, spokesperson for the national Alpha Epsilon Pi organization said.

Pierce said the national organization is planning more security and situational awareness training for OSU’s members.

“I urge everyone to understand why we speak up and remember what could happen and what will happen if we sit back and just not say anything,” Brener said. “We’re gonna stay strong, and we’ll always pull through like we always have.”

Brener also encourages those in the Jewish community to remain proud of who they are and stick to their values.

Source: https://myfox28columbus.com/news/local/anti-semitic-phrases-yelled-at-osu-jewish-fraternitys-home-alpha-epsilon-pi-columbus-division-of-police-hate-speech-crime-ohio-state-university