Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Virginia Area High School Disciplines Students over Nazi Salutes and Swastikas

Students at Rockbridge County High School who were involved in taking a picture displaying a swastika and performing a Nazi salute are now facing disciplinary action.

On Wednesday December 1st, Rockbridge County Public Schools says two students at the High School posed with a swastika image on a phone and performed a Nazi Sieg Heil salute in class. Meanwhile, a third student photographed the incident on a phone, which was then forwarded.

The district says the school administration has initiated disciplinary action in connection with the incident and is investigating to fully determine the extent of student involvement.

The School Board and administration want to make clear that any student engaging in anti-Semitic acts or any act motivated by prejudice on the basis of race, religion, sex, national origin, ethnicity, or disability will be subject to serious school discipline in accordance with law. Additionally, depending on the facts of any such incident, school personnel may determine the matter should be referred to law enforcement for investigation and evaluation.

Antisemitic behavior is threatening, disruptive, and harmful to the well-being of our students and community. Administration will not tolerate such behavior. We implore all parents and guardians to take time to address with your children the seriousness and potential consequence of such anti-Semitic behavior and strongly emphasize to your child that such behavior will not be tolerated. Administration appreciates the efforts of parents and guardians to work in partnership with the school division to eliminate this kind of destructive and dangerous behavior.