Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Swastikas Found Carved Into Florida Light Poles

A series of swastikas, etched onto light poles in a Fort Lauderdale neighborhood have raised concerns after being discovered by a resident who lives in the area.

Robert Gould, a member of the Jewish community, discovered swastikas etched onto light poles near Northeast Third Avenue and Third Street.

After Gould saw the hateful symbols, he reached out to 7News to bring awareness to the situation. He believes the same person engraved all three swastikas found on the pole.

Additionally, Gould he observed crosses carved on some other poles in the vicinity. It’s unclear when the carvings were made, but Gould believes they are recent.

In response to the discovery, Gould aims to convey a message of unity and tolerance.

“The fact that I see it is personal. I grew up in a home where my parents taught me not to be activists, but at some point, you have to do something, and I called the news, and I hope it does something,” he said.

Expressing his hope for a positive impact, Gould emphasizes the importance of respecting different religions and customs.

“Don’t put up mean messages, let people have their own religion and their own customs. It may sound cliche, but that’s how we try to get along in this country,” he added.

Gould said he reached out to officials in hopes of getting the swastikas removed.

Source: https://wsvn.com/news/local/broward/resident-speaks-out-after-finding-swastikas-etched-on-light-poles-in-fort-lauderdale/