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Jewish Man Attacked While Walking Street in New York

An Orthodox Jewish man walking on Brooklyn Ave in Crown Heights Wednesday afternoon was viciously assaulted by a male in an unprovoked assault.

According to reports, the bochur had been walking on Brooklyn Ave near Lincoln Pl around 3:30pm Wednesday, while pulling a suitcase behind him and holding a bag. Without warning or provocation he was suddenly set upon by a man who punched him and knocked him to the floor.

Video of the incident obtained by Crown Heights Shomrim shows the incident as the man, described as a male black wearing a pink coat and hat, waits for a victim near the corner of Brooklyn Ave and Lincoln Pl. As the bochur approaches the corner the man strikes, punching him and sending him fleeing back down the block. The man pursued the bochur, getting more more blows and knocking him to the floor before fleeing on Brooklyn towards Park Pl.

911 was called immediately and a canvass done to try to locate the assailant. Unfortunately, the search came up empty.

Hours later Crown Heights Shomrim was called and a search for video camera footage uncovered multiple angles of the incident and giving important clues for the detectives.

“This perpetrator committed an unprovoked vicious assault on Brooklyn Ave in the afternoon hours,” Crown Heights Shomrim wrote on social media following the incident. “The police were called and canvassed for the perp, but he got away. Shomrim was not called in the immediate aftermath of the incident. If you see him, please call Shomrim at 7187743333.”

Source: https://crownheights.info/crime/844472/bochur-viciously-assaulted-in-unprovoked-attack-in-crown-heights/