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Sephora Is Getting Canceled Over Pro-Palestinian Brands

Social media users are angry with the cosmetics store Sephora over its sale of a brand whose owners have criticized Israel amid the ongoing war with Hamas militants.

On Sunday, @StopAntisemites shared a post on X, formerly Twitter, that detailed the owners of the makeup brand SimiHaze calling the shooting of three Palestinian students in the U.S. a “Zionist hate crime,” prompting backlash against Sephora, which sells the makeup brand.

“Sickening – U.S. based Palestinian twins Simi and Haze Khadra (known for their beauty brand ‘SimiHaze’ sold at @Sephora) have the gall to insinuate the horrific attack on 3 Palestinians was a “Zionist” hate crime,” the post said. “When will Sephora finally drop this Jew hating duo?!”

Since Hamas militants led a surprise attack on Israel on October 7, fighting has continued between the two over the past several weeks, and many protests have occurred in the U.S., with supporters across both sides of the war criticizing each other. On Saturday, three Palestinian college students in Vermont were shot by a suspect identified as 48-year-old Jason J. Eaton, who pleaded not guilty. Investigators are treating the shooting as a suspected hate-motivated crime.

A Sephora store on Fifth Avenue remains boarded up following the phase 2 coronavirus reopening in Manhattan on June 23, 2020, in New York City. In November 2023, many social media users called for a boycott against Sephora over its sale of a brand whose owners criticized Israel amid the ongoing war with Hamas militants.

The post shared by @StopAntisemites showcased the owners of the SimiHaze brand reacting to the crime in Vermont, prompting widespread backlash and calls to boycott Sephora.

“Just bought a whole bunch of @LauraGeller this Cyber Monday, none of it at @Sephora It’s not ok to support antisemites. You need to answer @StopAntisemites questions on #SimiHaze,” X user @LouiseMensch wrote.

X user @Virtualhuman10 wrote: “Hey @Sephora #simihaze founders are posting hateful antisemitic messages yet you still carry their brand. Do the right thing. This kind of hate goes beyond differences of opinion. This is antisemitic.”

Similarly, X user @ManhattanMingle wrote, “@Sephora is currently selling a brand “SimiHaze” which is owned by a blatant Anti-Semitic duo. Let’s come together and urge them to drop this brand: [email protected]. Never Again is NOW.”

X user @GinnyMcDonald8 called for others to “boycott @Sephora until the brand, SimiHaze is no longer sold in stores!”

On the other hand, X user @TroonPlanet wrote, “Shooter Jason Eaton is not Jewish, and not a Zionist,” alluding to the crime in Vermont.

Last month, another makeup brand sold at Sephora faced criticism after its owner, Huda Kattan, said she didn’t want to accept “blood money” from Israeli customers.

Newsweek reached out to Sephora via email for comment.