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Jewish Waiter Attacked in New York for Wearing Yamulke

Dovi Joseph said when he wears his yarmulke, he now wears a hat over it.

Since the start of the Israel-Hamas war, he said the hat, which represents respect for his Jewish faith, now feels like a target.

“As a Jew, I don’t feel so safe,” Joseph said.

Joseph works as a server at the Kosher restaurant Sushi Tokyo in Chelsea.

Sunday evening, as he was delivering an order to a table, security camera video shows a man stopping Joseph, pointing in his face, then launching a chair at him.

Joseph said the man called him a racist right before the attack.

“Why would someone look at a guy with a yarmulke, take a chair, and call him an f—ing racist, and then throw it at him?” Joseph said.

Police are investigating the attack, but have not called it a hate crime.

Joseph said he’s been afraid due to a surge in hate crimes last month. In October, the NYPD said anti-Jewish crimes jumped 214% when compared to October 2022.

The jump has been attributed to the war in the Middle East.

The Chelsea attack comes after former Obama White House official Stuart Seldowitz was charged with making anti-Islamic statements to a Halal cart worker.

As Joseph awaits justice, he hopes tensions simmer down.

“Bring more light into this situation. There’s a lot of darkness. Bring more light,” Joseph said.

Officials encourage anyone with any information to reach out to Crime Stoppers.

Source: https://ny1.com/nyc/manhattan/news/2023/11/29/nypd-investigating-assault-in-chelsea#