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Teacher in Florida Ordered to Rescind Assignment Vilifying Israel

A teacher at Boca Raton Community High School was ordered by school administrators to rescind an assignment given to students on Palestine. We are not identifying the teacher or the grade at this time. Multiple parents complained to BocaNewsNow.com — and the school district — over the assignment.

BocaNewsNow.com has learned that the assignment, based on an article which you can read below, encouraged students to take what appears to be an Anti-Israel view in understanding Gaza. While parents reaching out to BocaNewsNow.com acknowledge the importance of understanding all views, the teacher apparently provided no context or lessons to accompany the assignment. It was not pre-approved by the Palm Beach County School District.

“This seemed to be extremely biased,” said a parent. “Is it okay to learn about Gaza and its history? Of course. Is it okay to be provided one article as fact, told to formulate beliefs based on that one article, and to offer absolutely no context? Of course not.”

School administrators immediately stepped in to stop the assignment from continuing. Internal communication obtained and reviewed by BocaNewsNow.com confirms that a mid-level manager demanded that the teacher not only rescind the assignment, but offer an alternate assignment for any student who had completed the original but feared that the teacher may not appreciate his or her response.

Page two of a two-page Palestine assignment issued by a teacher at Boca High. School administrators ordered the assignment rescinded.

“That the teacher felt this was appropriate at all is a real concern,” said another parent. “If you’re not going to teach lesson plans approved by Palm Beach County, or at the very least discussed with school administration, then maybe find another line of work. This isn’t the time or the place to throw controversy into the classroom.”

A senior Palm Beach County School District official told BocaNewsNow.com there would be no comment over the Thanksgiving break. On Monday afternoon, an official issued these statements and confirmations:

“The assignment was: 1. Mark your confusion. 2. Show evidence of a close reading. 3. Write a 1+ page reflection. The teacher was told to either exempt the assignment or give an alternate assignment to students who did not complete the assignment.”

Source: https://bocanewsnow.com/2023/11/27/anti-semitism-claim-at-boca-high-as-teacher-assigns-palestine-work/#google_vignette