Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Neighborhoods in Oregon Receive Antisemitic Propaganda

Several police agencies in Jackson County are investigating after getting reports of plastic bags containing sand and antisemitic messages being dropped throughout neighborhoods.

Michael and Samantha Lindgren of Medford woke up Monday morning to one of these bags on their driveway. The couple caught footage of the bag being dropped off on their Ring camera, but were unable to identify a vehicle or license plate associated with it.

The bag dropped on the Lindgrens’ driveway contains sand and a QR code linking to a Telegram page of a video with antisemitic messaging, including footage of Adolf Hitler.

The QR code in this article’s image has been partially obscured as to not link to the original video.

“People are putting forward their propaganda without any conversation or communication to back it up,” Michael Lindgren told NewsWatch 12. “It’s very troubling.”

Source: https://www.kdrv.com/news/crimewatch/police-investigating-bags-with-anti-semitic-messages-dropped-in-local-neighborhoods/article_4e565ce2-8d76-11ee-a50b-57652c1c9877.html