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Man Arrested at Seattle Airport After Antisemitic, Nazi Tirade

A man at a Seattle airport began yelling Nazi slurs at passengers who were about to board the plane on Sunday, videos on social media showed.

The incident occurred while passengers were boarding a flight between Seattle, Washington to Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. The man’s name is Nicholas Edward Letney, according to the nonprofit organization StopAntisemitism.

“You go to the gas chamber!” and “Race war!” were among the numerous antisemitic statements he made as people were boarding the plane, all while doing a Nazi salute.

“The Jews got what they deserved,” Letney said while pointing to another person off-screen. “You’re a f***ing alien. An alien and a reptilian.” 

The video went viral after being shared by the Jewish advocacy NGO StopAntisemitism, which can be watched below:

“You ever heard of the First Amendment?” the individual yelled at officers as they were arresting him. “You violated that ’cause I’m a Nazi,” Letney continued to say.

Letney also reportedly tried to start his own political party called the Christian Workers, which is supposed to engage with Christian socialists.

On the same day, StopAntisemitism tweeted that they are “disgusted to learn former President Trump has taken a meeting earlier this week with Nick Fuentes, a known white supremacist and vile Holocaust denier.”

Other reports have stated that the former US president had dinner with Fuentes as well as rapper Kanye West, who made numerous antisemitic statements in the past couple of months.