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AIPAC President Under Siege From Protesters Hurling Smoke Bombs

Protesters rioted outside the Los Angeles home of AIPAC president Michael Tuchin on Thursday, throwing smoke bombs, vandalizing the driveway and painting walls red. They called Tuchin a baby killer and threw items resembling babies wrapped in white sheets to symbolize those killed in Israeli bombings in Gaza.

“AIPAC spends tens of millions of dollars to control members of congress who support genocide,” they said. Tuchin’s neighbors sparred with the protesters and the violence was only stopped when the police arrived.

Some 85 Jewish graves were desecrated in Belgium on Friday in the Jewish section of Marcinelle’s cemetery. Since October 7, antisemitic attacks have spiked in the U.S., Canada and Europe raising alarm among Jewish communities and concern among security officials.

A British security official said the war in Gaza was likely to become the biggest recruiter for Islamist militants since the Iraq war in 2003, and that calls for attacks on Jewish and Western targets had risen in Europe.

Other security officials said the main danger for Europe is probably from attacks by “lone wolves,” assailants who are radicalized, often online, but have no formal links to more established groups.