Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Waukesha Christmas Parade Murderer Expressed Antisemitic Views

The man taken in custody as the suspect in the Christmas Parade tragedy, that killed at least five people and injured more than 40, is a career criminal that has expressed extreme black national antisemitic views. Darrell Brooks is a convicted felon and has a criminal history that goes back over twenty years in various states. He is also a rapper that goes by the name of “MathBoi Fly.” As we previously reported, he filmed a violent rap video with a red Ford Escape that matches the vehicle description from the rampage.

There is a Darrell Edward Brooks with the same year of birth who is a registered sex offender in Nevada, but it was not immediately clear without a full DOB whether it was the same person. However, he appears to admit to this in a deleted video, saying the victim was 16 and she was a “hoe.”

In what appears another tragic ending to so called “bail reform,” Brooks was released from jail on Friday after paying $1,000 bail for several open felony charges. Law Officer reviewed pages of Brooks’ criminal record and he has one of the longest and most expansive felony records, dating back over twenty years, that we have ever seen for anyone outside of prison.

Twelve hours after Brooks was identified through scanner audio and the vehicle was identified at his address through Google Maps and several independent news sources confirmed his identity along with his extremist views, there appears to be a media blackout on Waukesha.