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Hamas Cheerleaders Vandalize Israeli Owned NYC Eatery

On Wednesday in New York City, anti-Israel protestors stormed the Israeli-owned Zizi restaurant in the Chelsea neighborhood. The radicals knocked over tables, threatened employees, and intimidated customers.

They painted a red triangle, a symbol of the Hamas terror group, on the Israeli flag mounted in the restaurant.

Police were called to investigate and customers had to be calmed and protected before they could safely leave.

“I’m in Israel on a visit and I can’t relax. I feel that my team is in danger and I don’t know how to help them,” said the owner of the Zizi restaurant, Maor Vanuno.

The attack at Zizi was just one of four recent antisemitic incidents at food establishments in the US.

The iconic 2nd Avenue Deli, which openly supports Israel and says it has donated part of its proceeds to  United Hatzalah, was vandalized with a swastika at its entrance.

At a bakery in New York City, windows were broken, and “Free Palestine” was spraypainted on the building.

Customers and employees at a Cleveland restaurant Israel 19 were caught in the middle of a Pro-Palestinian protest and were holed up in the establishment until it was safe to leave.

In addition, anti-Israel sentiment is coming from within the food industry.

Roughly 900 chefs around the world have signed a petition to boycott Israeli-owned restaurants and chefs who express support for Israel.

The petition, drafted by Hospitality for Humanity, calls for a boycott of Israeli restaurants, trips to Israel, and food events featuring Israeli dishes and chefs.

Some of the prominent food industry names who signed the petition include She Wolf Bakery, pastry chefs at the Wythe Hotel, Mason Harford of New Orleans’ Turkey and the Wolf, vegan celebrity chef Bryant Terry, New Yorker food reporter Helen Rosner, New York Times food columnist Samin Nosrat, host of Netflix food documentary “High on the Hog,” Stephen Satterfield and author of The Palestinian Table, Reem Kassis.

Source: https://worldisraelnews.com/pro-hamas-activists-attack-israeli-owned-restaurant-in-new-york-city/