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Business Watchdog Site StopDontShop Illuminates Stores’ Views on Israel-Hamas War

In response to the ongoing Israel-Hamas war that commenced on October 7, StopAntisemitism, a dedicated watchdog organization fighting against antisemitism, has introduced StopDontShop.org, a website aiming to keep consumers informed about businesses’ stances on the Israel-Hamas conflict.

The site states that it is an initiative “exposing the businesses and service providers seeking to do the Jewish people and nation harm.”

The StopDontShop website offers users the ability to filter businesses based on their ratings, locations, and categories, spanning various industries like fashion, tech, entertainment, sports, medical, retail, and more. Consumers can further refine their searches by specifying brick-and-mortar or online retailers.

Businesses are categorized on the website into three distinct groups based on their positions:

Don’t Shop (RED): Businesses supporting Hamas and/or expressing hatred towards the Jewish people and nation. Companies in this category include the popular clothing brand Shein, which has a controversial history, including the release of problematic products such as a swastika pendant and a Palestinian flag, while excluding an Israeli one. Following the events of October 7, Shein cut ties with Israeli influencers.

Caution (YELLOW): Businesses needing clarification regarding rumors about their position on the Israel-Hamas conflict. One such company is Lush, whose Dublin, Ireland storefront displayed a “BOYCOTT ISRAEL” sign, prompting caution. However, the company issued a statement condemning violence and injustice while expressing hopes for peace and safety for both Israelis and Palestinians.

Shop (GREEN): Businesses deserving support for demonstrating unwavering support for the Jewish people and nation and/or taking a stand against terrorism. Walmart, categorized under “Shop,” promptly responded to the October 7 attacks by acknowledging the increase in antisemitic speech and hate crimes. The Walmart Foundation pledged one million dollars to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum to support outreach programs addressing the history and dangers of antisemitism.

Since its recent launch, the StopDontShop website has already welcomed over 100,000 visitors, garnering positive sentiments on social media and receiving numerous submissions for new businesses to be added.

“The mission of this campaign is to empower consumers with information,” said StopAntisemitism Executive Director Liora Rez.

“As we approach the holiday shopping season, StopDon’tShop encourages everyone to think twice about the impact of their spending,” she said. “By providing clear categories and detailed insights, our campaign aims to guide consumers across various industries, ensuring they make informed choices that align with their values.”