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United Airlines Suspends Pilot For Support of ‘Brave’ Hamas Terrorists

United Airlines has suspended a pilot who wrote a post on Facebook in which he praises the Hamas terrorists who carried out the October 7 and calls them “brave people.”

The American organization that fights antisemitism, Stop Antisemitism, published on the X platform a screenshot of a Facebook post published on October 7 by United Airlines pilot Ibrahim R. Mossallam in which he justifies the terrorist attack.

“Know that mass media here in America is heavily politicized and skewed to show a non-occupying narrative of Palestine,” Mossallam wrote in the post. “This is a resistance by a brave people who have endured decades of occupation, oppression, humiliation, apartheid and straight up murder. This was not an unprovoked attack, but a response to this past years attacks by the Zionist regime.”

The New York Post reported that in response to its first reporting on the pilot’s post, United Airlines removed Mossallam from its flight schedule, but he is still receiving a salary. The company says that he has been suspended as it is continuing to look into the issue.

StopAntisemitism posted on the X platform after the suspension: “How can Jewish passengers feel safe when this man flies their plane?”

Other commenters criticized the company. “We expect this man to be fired immediately,” Mike G posted. “He puts passengers in danger on every flight.”

Another commenter named Moore Hogge wrote: “I have flown with you exclusively for the past 15 years. I will never board another United flight until this pilot is fired! I don’t feel safe flying with you anymore.” Other X users posted similar comments.

Mossallam is not the first pilot to be suspended for supporting Hamas on social media. Last month, Air Canada fired a pilot named Mostafa Ezzo, after he wrote on Instagram: “F**k Israel, burn in hell.”