Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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New York Synagogue Targeted with Nazi Symbols

A swastika, a Star of David and a hammer and sickle were drawn on the door of a synagogue on the Upper West Side of Manhattan . The Israeli media reported it.

The graffiti was drawn on one of the doors of the Romemu Jewish community , which in a statement said that “these symbols of hate will not distract us from our mission of love, acceptance and understanding”.

“The NYPD believes it knows who the perpetrator is and does not believe there is any specific threat from this individual,” the community writes.

“Regardless, we are taking safety extremely seriously as always and are in close consultation with the NYPD and our safety team on best practices during this difficult time, and at all times, to maintain our community and our building safe,” the community note added.

Source: https://www.agi.it/estero/news/2023-11-22/svastica-e-stella-di-david-su-porta-sinagoga-new-york-24094164/