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San Francisco State University Student Government Passes BDS Resolution While School Faces Federal Antisemitic Accusations

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The student government at San Francisco State University (SFSU) passed on Wednesday a pro-BDS resolution demanding the school divest from companies that do business with Israeli settlements, even as SFSU is facing a federal investigation for hosting an event with a Palestinian terrorist.

The resolution — promoted by the General Union of Palestine Students, with backing from the Black Student Union, League of Filipino Students and International Business Society — was approved by a 17-1 margin, with two abstentions.

The  Jewish News of Northern California quoted student representative Ja’Corey Bowens as saying, “I think this document is very reflective of the culture that we should be striving for at San Francisco State, in terms of supporting our students.”

The director of the university’s Hillel, Rachel Nilson Ralston, stated, “We regret the introduction of BDS to our campus, the ugly discourse it elevated, and the outcome of this vote.”

“This resolution has, sadly, had a real and negative impact on our students’ wellness and experience of their campus,” she added. “But BDS’s real danger is that it seeks to influence the open hearts and minds of tomorrow’s leaders from a one-sided, deeply biased narrative against Israel.”

Moreover, far from Bowens’ claims of supporting students, Ralston noted that representatives themselves had been subjected to “extreme pressure and bullying tactics from activists from across the country.”

Jewish Community Relations Council of San Francisco spokesperson Jeremy Russell expressed disappointment at the passage of the resolution, saying it would “further exacerbate tensions at SF State.”

“We call upon the university leaders to ensure Jewish students are welcomed and protected,” he implored.

SFSU is currently under scrutiny from the federal government after its Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas Studies Program hosted an online seminar in September featuring Palestinian terrorist Leila Khaled, prompting an uproar that led to all major social media companies denying a platform to the event.