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New York College Student Says, “Jews Need to Die” While Tearing Down Hostage Signs

A confrontation outside Baruch College in New York City escalated into an assault incident involving Makan Ceesay, a student at the college. The altercation began when Ceesay was caught removing posters of Israelis kidnapped by Hamas.

Witnesses stated that Ceesay reacted aggressively upon being confronted by a bystander. He is alleged to have made antisemitic remarks, saying, “Jews are all sh*t and need to die.”

Those statements were captured on video.

The situation quickly escalated as Ceesay reportedly attacked the man who confronted him, using an umbrella to hit and punch him.

The New York City Police Department has not announced any arrests or filed charges in connection with this incident. The case is drawing attention for its violent and hateful nature, with concerns raised over the safety and tolerance on college campuses.

The college has not issued a statement regarding the incident, and further details are awaited as the investigation continues.

Source: https://www.shorenewsnetwork.com/2023/11/20/nyc-college-student-who-attacked-jewish-man-shouted-jews-need-to-die/