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Kanye’s New Song Reopens Antisemitism Wounds: ‘I F**** a Jewish B****’

Kanye West’s new song ‘Vulture,’ made in partnership with T Dolla $ign and DJ Pharris, has shown little has changed for the artist named ‘Antisemite of the Year’ by StopAntisemitism in 2022. 

The song, released on the evening of November 17, has some controversial lyrics, including “How I’m antisemitic? I just f**** a Jewish b****” in the third verse. 

The above line is followed with “I just f**** Scooter’s b**** and we ran up like the Olympics.” 

Scooter Braun, Kanye’s former manager, has an ex-wife who is Jewish. Kanye parted with the manager on unhappy terms.

This is not the first time that Kanye has used musical channels to target his anger toward the Jewish community. In September, the Jerusalem Post published an article on Kanye’s song ‘Israel’ which listed his experience during his publicly antisemitic declarations in the previous year. 

Kanye’s antisemitic ideology became increasingly known to the public after he posted on X that he would go “death con 3” on Jewish people. He continued to make more antisemitic comments like “I like Hitler” as public outrage grew.