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CNN Fires Producer Over #TeamHitler Social Media Posts

Idris Mukhtar Ibrahim, originally from Kenya, is a graduate of UC Berkeley School of Journalism

A freelance producer who was seen to praise the work of Palestinian Hamas terrorism group and tweeted ‘#TeamHitler’ has been dropped by CNN.

Idris Mukhtar Ibrahim had his tweets, posted in 2014, exposed on pro-Israel media watchdog group HonestReporting earlier this week.

Ibrahim had been working as a freelancer covering a range of international stories for CNN, including Israel, and had previously been employed at Deutsche Welle.

The controversial posts were revealed after the Berkley Journalism graduate wrote a story about Israel’s incoming coalition.

HonestReporting questioned Ibrahim’s ‘ability to impartially report on the Arab-Israeli conflict’ given his apparent ‘profound hatred of the Jewish state.’

In a twitter post from July 13, 2014, Ibrahim expressed apparent support for Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, but it remains unclear whether he was being facetious.

The tweet read: ‘I have shifted to team Germany after finding out that Messi supports Israel #teamHitler.’

In another tweet on July 18 Ibrahim can be seen replying to a post made by news organization Al Jazeera English, about whether Hamas are entitled to an armed struggle.

‘Hamas is the modern day freedpm (sic) fighters, they definding (sic) their land, Yes they are entitled to armed struggle,’ he wrote.

In a statement to Fox News, CNN said that they were unaware of Ibrahim’s comments from previous years.

‘Idris was employed as a freelancer by CNN. We were not aware of these tweets, which were published before we began working with him,’ a CNN spokesperson said.

‘We have informed him that we will no longer be working with him in the future.’

Ibrahim shared an apology on Friday morning for his prior tweets saying that what he wrote had been ‘ignorant and hurtful.’

‘I regret having done so and unreservedly apologize for the pain my words caused, especially to the Jewish Community,’ he said.

‘They were offensive, and I must take responsibility. I was young, new to social media, and blurted out inconsiderately.

‘I am not a hateful person and I have learnt and evolved a lot since that time.’

The former CNN producer who started working at the company in 2015 went on to say that he was grateful to his managers and colleagues at the company who helped him excel as a producer.

‘I love and respect the network and I’m sorry about the embarrassment and distraction from my old tweets,’ he said.

‘I also want to apologize to family, friends, mentors and colleagues, who I am ashamed to have let down this way.

‘So many people have held me from a kid in a slum in Nairobi to this moment and I will do everything I can to right this wrong and regain their trust.

‘I continue to learn, to be corrected and counselled in humility.’