Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Syracuse University Suspends All Fraternity Activities Amid Horrific Antisemitic & Racist Incidents

Syracuse University has suspended a fraternity—and ceased all fraternity activities—after a string of racist and antisemitic incidents in recent days.

Fraternity activities will be suspended through the end of the semester after fraternity members and some of their guests were seen directing racist language at a black woman on Saturday. Officials said evidence gathered from an investigation—including security camera video—backed up a student’s account of the incident.

The fraternity involved wasn’t named. “This report of an affront to our student’s — and our whole community’s — safety and well-being is the latest incident of several against Jews, Asians and African Americans,” Chancellor Kent Syverud said in a statement Sunday. “While only one fraternity may have been involved in this particular incident, given recent history, all fraternities must come together with the University community to reflect upon how to prevent recurrence of such seriously troubling behavior.”

There have been protests about several other incidents over the past week, including a swastika that was scrawled in the snow outside Walnut, an apartment building where students live.

Source: https://1010wins.radio.com/articles/syracuse-university-suspends-all-fraternity-activities