Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Antisemitic Graffiti Blamed on Jeremy Corbyn Supporters

Two large graffiti signs reading “Jewish lies matter” were found in the city of Brighton and Hove on England’s south coast on Tuesday, right next to the Holland Road Orthodox Shul.

The signs appeared on the same day that former Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn was readmitted to his party following a recent suspension for downplaying the results of an investigation which found that Labour had mishandled complaints of antisemitism within the party under his leadership.

The graffiti was scrawled in black spray paint on a wall near the coastal promenade in Hove, and on what appears to be a municipal shed near one of the city’s park squares.

Naomi Kapuza, a resident of Brighton and Hove, told The Jerusalem Post that the graffiti was “reflective of a nasty Jew hating cohort [within the city] who are obsessed and fixated with us.“

“I have no doubt that this graffiti is in response to the Labour Party disciplinary meeting happening the same day, during which they decided to reinstate Jeremy Corbyn, and the allegation that Jews are making up the charges of antisemitism,” she added.

Brighton and Hove has become a hotbed of antisemitism in recent years due to the strong presence of Labour and Green Party activists in the city.