Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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White Supremacist Group ‘GDL’ Canvases Cobb County, GA with Antisemitic Flyers

Hundreds of antisemitic flyers were found scattered across neighborhoods in Cobb County, GA. The leaflets – compliments of the white supremacist group ‘Goyim Defense League’ or GDL – were found over the weekend in several subdivisions in Kennesaw and Acworth.

GDL and their founder, Jon Minadeo II, has a long history of antisemitic activity all over the U.S.

Lou Minor was walking his dogs early Saturday morning when he saw plastic baggies with a small printed flier and corn kernels in them to weigh them down.  

“I picked one up and the first thing I noticed was the antisemitism was blatant,” said Minor.

He doesn’t know why anyone would take this much time and effort to spread what he calls a disgusting message.

“It’s the way the country is right now, there’s a lot of hatred and I just don’t understand it,” said Minor.

In another neighborhood, about a half mile away, one man spent a couple of hours Saturday morning picking up more than a hundred of them.

“I thought it was gross and I didn’t want my neighbors to have to see it,” he said.

He added, “If they were going to spend a lot of time trying to put this message out, I could spend some time trying to block their message because I don’t see any good in their message.”

There are about 10 variations of the flier blaming Jewish people for what’s happening in the country.

“Everything from gun control to COVID to Biden to Trump, to the Federal Reserve, abortion, gun control and whatever else they can think of,” said the man who picked them up and tossed them in the trash.

“They’re trying to say anything that is bad in the world is because of the Jewish people,” said Dov Wilker with the American Jewish Committee.

Wilker says we’re seeing a rise in antisemitism across the country and it’s more important now than ever to stand together.

“We as a community need to do everything to denounce these voices and ensure people in our community are aware of the hope we bring to society and the nature and goodwill we bring to each other,” said Wilker.

Last month, FOX 5 reported about fliers just like these that were found in Carrollton. Police caught up with twp people who admitted to putting out about 600 of the fliers. They were not charged because it is considered free speech.