Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Swastikas Found in Restroom of Central Connecticut State University

A hate crime at the Central Connecticut State University campus in New Britain is under investigation.

In a note to university students and staff, President Zulma Toro said a person vandalized a bathroom stall at the Seth North residence hall Monday night.

“To find something that vulgar is shocking to say the least,” freshman Winston Sanchez-Martinez said.

Sanchez-Martinez reported the vandalism to authorities. He said it was difficult to read, but realized it was hateful graffiti after tracing it with his finger.

The university said a racial slur and a swastika, a symbol of antisemitism, were both written on the stall. They’ve since been removed.

“To say something with that much hate, a word with such history and a demeaning word does not fit our school that much or at all to say the least,” Sanchez-Martinez said.

The student said he told someone in the dorm who reported in to campus police. Students say they are disappointed by the vandalism.

“It’s definitely not an OK belief to have and you don’t have to share it. It was just unnecessary to go about it putting it in the bathroom which everyone else uses as well,” Zai Ndikumana, a CCSU freshman, said.

In a statement, President Zulma Toro called the vandalism offensive, saying “The untold emotional damage to the groups who have been targeted should not be ignored.”

Toro is asking the community to support friends and colleagues who are impacted by this crime.

The CCSU police department is investigating. Anyone found to be responsible could face disciplinary action, according to Toro.

“While the vandalism was eradicated immediately, our work here is not done. The university will continue to take appropriate actions to ensure that Central remains a safe environment in which all campus community members are welcomed to learn and work,” Toro said.

The university said there are resources available such as faith consultants and counseling through Student Wellness Services if students want to discuss what happened.

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