Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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A Jewish Cemetery in Ohio Defaced by Nazi Symbols

A Jewish cemetery in Brooklyn was vandalized with swastikas painted on several headstones Sunday afternoon.

The incident took place at the Chesed Shel Emeth Cemetery in the 3700 block of Ridge Road.

In an update Monday, Brooklyn police said their department was notified of the vandalism by a passerby around 10:21 a.m. Sunday.

“Officers found 23 tombstones painted with red paint in apparent shapes of swastikas,” according to a press release from police, which also indicates the vandalism is believed to have taken place overnight from Saturday into Sunday.

3News’ Lydia Esparra spoke with cemetery President Heshy Naiman who said multiple rows of headstones were vandalized with the antisemetic symbol.

The Jewish Federation of Cleveland released the following statement shortly after the discovery of the vandalized headstones: 

“It is absolutely sickening that anyone could have so much hate for the Jewish people that they would desecrate a cemetery. This cowardly act to violate the memory of our elders only confirms what we already know: the hatred of the Jewish community here and around the world now is at a level not seen in generations.

“We will support law enforcement in any way we can to see that those who are responsible face the consequences of their actions. We will restore the damage of the cemetery and return the dignity to the damaged gravesites. And we will continue combat hate against all communities with an unbending resolve.”

Tarps are currently covering the headstones with swastikas painted on them.

According to the Jewish Federation of Cleveland, this cemetery, Chesed Shel Emeth, was started in 1902 as a cemetery for indigent Jews on Cleveland’s west side. 

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