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War Memorial Vandalized with a Swastika

A barrel lid emblazoned with a Nazi symbol was found on a Pendle war memorial. Police were called to Trawden shortly before 1pm yesterday (November 11) following reports that the village cenotaph had been vandalised.

Officers arrived at the memorial on Skipton Road to find that several poppy wreaths had been removed and that others had been pushed over.

Vandals had also left drawn a swastika symbol on the lid of a barrel before leaving it on the memorial.

A spokesperson for Lancashire Constabulary said: “We were called shortly before 1pm yesterday (November 11) to a report that poppy wreaths had been removed from the war memorial on Skipton Road at Trawden.

“There were also reports that a barrel lid with a swastika symbol drawn on it had been placed on the memorial. 

“The offending item has been removed and an investigation is underway.”

A swastika was originally used as a symbol of divinity across many Eurasian and Indian faiths but in 1933 Adolf Hitler adopted the symbol for his Nazi party.  The symbol is now synonymous with fascism and racism. 

Yesterday, a squatter was jailed in Manchester after he set off fireworks during the Remembrance Day two minutes silence held in Eccles. He was given a 16 week sentence.

Source: https://www.lancs.live/news/lancashire-news/investigation-launched-after-poppies-replaced-17242693