Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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The Latest Antisemitism on College Campuses Is Beyond Sickening

Jewish people are running for cover, and can you blame them? In America, most Jewish communities probably never thought they’d have to arm themselves—ever. That all changed when Hamas attacked Israel on October 7, butchering 1,400 Israelis and leading to an outpouring of antisemitism not seen since the rise of Nazi Germany. There are no rallies with disciplined men and women wearing swastikas. Still, the disjointed rabble that has gathered on college campuses and in our cities speaks the same language as the National Socialist German Workers’ Party: kill all the Jews. 

The phrasing and messaging are different; many will claim they’re anti-Zionist, not antisemitic—all while holding a sign showing the Star of David in a wastebasket with the caption “Keep the world clean.”  That’s a distinction without a difference. And when pressed, it’s an incoherent mess about how they don’t hate Jews but want everyone in Israel to die. 

Some street interviews also exposed an appalling ignorance that causes one to do double-takes. How can kids be unaware that Hamas is a terrorist organization? Some didn’t even know Hams invaded Israel. Of all people, Bill Maher delved into this nonsense, wondering where all this illiberal, illogical, and antisemitic sewage is coming from, and that would be colleges. The kids want to kill Jews. They call for it daily since the Israeli operations against Hamas commenced in earnest after October 7, even going so far as to claim Israel is worse than Nazi Germany. 

It’s not about ideas; you see that with these interactions. It’s about the oppressed/oppressor paradigm that leads to painfully stupid takes from these people, notably the members of the LGBT community who stand with Palestine. Hamas would chuck these people off the roof if they could. Women can’t travel outside the home without a male companion. The sexual liberation that these anti-Israel women also preach would lead to an epic stoning so complete that Gaza City’s streets would be knee-deep with their blood if they ever said one-eighth of the woke nonsense they peddle here. The irony is that Israel’s minorities fare the best in the Middle East for obvious reasons: they’re the only beacon of Western values in that part of the world.

And yet, what’s being taught here is that Israel is the colonizer. Therefore, everyone should die. Scores of little punk kids honor the martyrs for the liberation, a talking point straight from Hamas. The left wing in America has become a wholly subservient ally of radical Islamic terrorism. It’s easy to see more than a couple of these kids becoming so radicalized as to commit terror attacks, which is why federal agencies should be tracking all their movements for the foreseeable future. The terrorists have a massive recruiting pool, and everyone is capable of being a suspect.