Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Why Pro-Palestinian Activists Ripping Down Israeli Hostage Posters Might Want to Stop

It’s a sickening trend. It’s not nearly as bad as the vicious antisemitism displayed on college campuses nationwide, where some students are calling for “Holocaust 2.0.” Still, this activity is infuriating all the same: anti-Israeli/pro-Palestinian activists tearing down posters of Israelis kidnapped by Hamas. 

The posts of these clowns tearing down posters are endless, but the identities of the perpetrators are often made public, leading to dire consequences in their professional lives. Many have been fired over these antics since there are accompanying antisemitic posts on their social media pages to go along with it. 

While there is an army holding these pro-terrorist supporters accountable, there’s a new method to combat the poster rippers: placing them on private property. Then, it’s cause for arrest, and we’ve already reeled in two people for it (via NY Post): 

Two young men were arrested for tearing down posters of hostages kidnapped in the Israel-Hamas war that were hung up outside a private property in Gramercy Park, police said Thursday. 

Charlotte Wimer, who uses he/him pronouns, and Gray Segal, both 18, were arrested just after 5 p.m. Wednesday after they were caught ripping down posters of Israeli children and adults kidnapped by the terrorist group on display outside 201 E. 23rd St., cops said. 

Both Wimer and Segal, who live on the Lower East Side, were charged with criminal mischief, police said. 

The pair were spotted leaving the Ludlow Residence – a School of Visual Arts dormitory located on its namesake street – Thursday with suitcases as they got into an Uber. They declined to comment when approached by a Post reporter. 

Video taken moments after the incident and shared on X shows the two men in handcuffs standing in front of the disheveled wall of posters. 

We got ourselves some pronoun people getting busted for being stupid. I wish this were a daily occurrence. It won’t stop these terrible people from wallowing in an alternate reality where they think Hamas is the good guy. I would argue that most probably there was no terror attack and that 1,400 Israelis weren’t massacred on October 7—a heinous throwback to Holocaust-like denialism. The underlying narrative here is that Jewish people lie, which is classic antisemitism. 

We’re dealing with animals here, folks. Rabid, hate-filled animals are also highly susceptible to committing acts of terrorism in the name of Islam. It’s why I want all these people surveilled.