Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Orthodox Jewish Men Assaulted in Separate Incidents in Brooklyn

The wave of violence against New York City Jews continued on Wednesday with a gang attacking an orthodox Jewish man and knocking off his hat, the nonprofit Shmira Public Safety reported. 

A video shared by the group showed men approaching an orthodox Jewish man from behind, knocking off his hat, and running off. 

“Yet another antisemitic attack on an innocent visibly Jewish person,” Shmira wrote on Twitter. “A group of 4 assaulted the man, while knocking his hat off. Our members successfully apprehended the group after a brief foot pursuit.”

The NYPD reportedly arrested one of the assailants.

On Friday, a Jewish man was punched by a woman “with both fists to the chest” according to Crown Heights Shomrim.

Beyond physical attacks, a Jewish pizzeria owner in Brooklyn received a flyer with Nazi imagery by mail, according to the NGO StopAntisemitism.

“The antisemitism that has infested NYC is out of control and simply unacceptable,” said StopAntisemitism. “Jews of New York deserve to live in peace!”

New York’s Jews have been subject to increasing antisemitic street violence over recent years.

In July 2022, the NYPD reported that antisemitic hate crimes were up by 114%. In August, the NYPD dashboard recorded 10 hate crime incidents against Jews.