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NYPD Launches Manhunt for Antisemitic Attacker Who Assaulted Jewish Man

UPDATE February 8, 2024: The suspect has been arrested, the Crown Heights Shomrim announced.; more here.

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A hate-spewing man who assaulted a Jew on the streets of Crown Heights Wednesday got away for now, but the NYPD is after him.

The incident took place Wednesday as a Jewish man was riding his bike on Sullivan Pl in Crown Heights when he was approached by a male who stopped him and began cursing him as a Jew. As the Jewish man attempted to leave he was hit across the back with a large umbrella by his attacker.

The hate-spewing attacker then took off on foot to Montgomery Street with the Jewish man following as he called Crown Heights Shomrim and 911. The Jewish man followed his attacker until he entered a project building where he lost sight of him.

Shomrim and the police arrived quickly and were able to retrieve photos and video of the man. The incident was easily identified as having an aspect of a hate crime and may be investigated as one.

Source: https://crownheights.info/crime/840893/jewish-man-assaulted-by-hate-spewing-man-in-crown-heights/