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NYPD Probe Antisemitic, Misogynist Slur Against Assembly Member

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Police are hunting for a bigot who defaced state Assemblywoman Rebecca Seawright’s campaign posters on the Upper East Side with misogynistic and antisemitic slurs.

The damaged posters were spotted election night at York Avenue and 78th Street, according to the police complaint. The bigot scrawled “Baptise [sic] the B—h and Her Rabbi” on one poster as well as “Baptise [sic] the B—h” on a second poster.

Baptize was spelled incorrectly — with an “s” instead of a “z.”It’s not the first time Seawright was victimized by vicious slurs.

An Upper East Side man in August was arrested and charged with leaving a vulgar antisemitic note outside the lawmaker’s UES legislative office.

Police do not know who is responsible for the last anti-female and antisemitic slur, which could be prosecuted as criminal mischief. Authorities are looking at surveillance cameras and interviewing witnesses to find the culprit, a source familiar with the probe said.

Seawright, who won re-election to a fourth term to represent the Upper East Side and Roosevelt Island in the 76th AD, personally called the 19th Pct. about the crime after a campaign staffer spotted the defaced posters Tuesday night.

“The cowardly defacing of our campaign poster with bigotry and anti-Semitism will not deter me from pursuing legislation I introduced to strengthen New York’s hate crime laws,” Seawright told The Post.

“I immediately reported this incident to the NYPD and we are fully cooperating with their investigation. We will not be intimidated.”