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New York University’s ‘Indigenous Studies’ Center Employs Israel-Hating Professor

New York University has hired a notorious Israel-hater to lead a new center dedicated to indigenous studies, sparking outrage from top leaders at the school.

NYU announced the appointment of Eve Tuck, a professor of critical race and indigenous studies at the University of Toronto, on Oct 9 — just two days after Hamas terrorists massacred 1,400 Israeli civilians.

Though her work is focused on native peoples, she has found common cause with Palestinian terrorism — including defending Hamas’ deadly rampage.

“Unprovoked is a dishonest framing. A free Palestine is possible because of how Palestinians have worked to keep alive and remake other framings, other futures,” she said in an Oct. 7 post to Bluesky, a liberal social media network.

Days later, as Israelis were still counting their dead, she called Hamas’ “resistance” to Israel “affirming.”

On Oct. 26, Tuck signed a letter blaming Israel for Hamas’ butchery.

“The past two weeks of horrific violence in Gaza resulted from 75 years of Israeli settler colonial dispossession,” the letter read. “The atrocities of the Israeli apartheid regime in Palestine are relentless, illegal under international law, and consistent with settler-colonial projects globally.

“Colonized peoples have the right to defend themselves and to resist colonial violence. We support Palestinian liberation and their right as an oppressed people to resist colonialism and genocide.”

Eve Tuck, who will lead NYU’s new Indigenous Studies Center, has called Hamas terrorist “affirming.”

Israel has not occupied Gaza since 2005 and the Palestinian population has quintupled since 1960, according to the United Nations.

“I am appalled that her hiring continued in the middle of this toxic atmosphere,” said Elliott Bross, a board member of NYU’s Stern School of Business. “I call for the NYU to terminate her contract immediately,”

Stan Polovets, a board member of NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering, said, “This type of rhetoric fuels antisemitism, and I urge Ms. Tuck to reconsider her support for the statement.”

In the immediate aftermath of the current violence, pro-Hamas academics justified the slaughter by tweeting “decolonization is not a metaphor” — a direct reference to a paper of the same title co-authored by Tuck.

Eve Tuck posted this statement on the day of the Hamas massacre in Israel, saying it was wrong to call it unprovoked.

NYU has been beset by antisemitic protests recently. NYU students have been busted ripping down signs with faces of Israeli hostages taken by Hamas.

In a statement, the school declined to condemn Tuck.

“NYU’s perspective is that terrorism is immoral; that there is no justification to commit acts of terrorism, ever; and that laying the blame on victims of terrorism is indefensible,” said spokesman John Beckman.

NYU has faced a raft of antisemitic incidents in recent days, largely because of academics like Tuck, critics say.

Tuck told The Post: “I condemn Hamas’ terrorist attack on Israel, and the taking of hostages, whose safe and swift return I fervently wish for.  I reject antisemitism; it is repugnant and indefensible.”

Source: https://nypost.com/2023/11/04/news/nyu-hires-israel-hating-professor-to-lead-new-indigenous-studies-center/