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Who is Dana Baraket? Woman Caught Tearing Posters of Missing Israeli Children by Hamas with Sister Aya Baraket at Upper West Side NYC

A video of two woman went viral where they can be seen tearing down posters of kidnapped Israeli children taken by Hamas terrorists

The women have been identified as Aya Baraket and Dana Baraket. When they was confronted for her act. Aya said, “f*ck you and f*ck Israel” … her sister Dana Baraket said, “f*ck you b*tch … f*ck you and Israel.”

Who is Dana Baraket?

Dana Baraket is reportedly the sister of Aya Baraket who works at Barista at Queens. After her video went viral several people questioned her way of protest. Baraket sisters became the front page of the New York Post which saw them as an “Anti-Israel activists rip down hostage posters in petty acts of hate.”

One user tweeted, “When you have to rip down flyers of missing children to promote your cause you have already lost.”

“Deportation proceedings should begin tonight,” one user wrote.

As the conflict between Israel-Gaza intensifies, with over 9,000 reported deaths, and mounting pressure on Israel to ease its siege on Gaza, the actions of Baraket sisters have garnered controversy. While the footage captured his passionate stance on the conflict, it has sparked discussions about the appropriate forms of protest in the context of ongoing geopolitical turmoil.

Antisemitism in the US has surged to “historic levels,” according to FBI Director Christopher Wray, with 60% of religious-based hate crimes targeting Jewish people. The increase is linked to the ongoing violence in Gaza, prompting concerns globally.

Wray emphasized the need for vigilance but not panic. Recent incidents include threats at Cornell University and arrests in Texas and Illinois. He warned that the actions of Hamas and its allies could inspire extremism, posing a threat similar to that of ISIS in the past.

Dana Baraket’s actions have highlighted the complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the challenges of advocating for peace in a deeply entrenched and volatile situation.