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Four Masked Men Tear Off Israeli Flags in Philadelphia Cafe

In a concerning incident, four masked individuals entered Cafe Ole in Huntingdon and removed an Israeli flag while chanting “Free Palestine.” This event has prompted a police investigation.

Lawrence Kalikhman, a partner at Café Ole, expressed his dismay over the recent incident that occurred at the cafe, describing it as “a very cowardly act.” The incident unfolded at Café Ole in The Valley on a Wednesday night, just an hour before closing time. Kalikhman reported that four masked men entered the establishment and forcibly removed an Israeli flag that had been displayed on the wall while shouting “Free Palestine.” The group then fled with the flag, running through the shopping center before disappearing from the scene.

Upper Southampton police have confirmed their investigation into the incident but have not disclosed further details. One of the cafe’s partners is Israeli, and the flag that was torn down had been on display for several weeks. Kalikhman expressed his uncertainty about the intentions of the individuals responsible for the act but emphasized that it had generated feelings of hatred and fear.

In a heartening show of support, customers flocked to the cafe the following day. Gennadiy Geyeler, a regular patron, highlighted the emotional impact of the incident, expressing his deep connection to the cafe and its owner, who often shared stories about his family in Israel.

To demonstrate solidarity and solidarity, an Israeli flag has been reinstalled inside Café Ole in The Valley. Monique Hofkin, upon learning of the incident, has offered a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of each individual involved in the act. She emphasized that the cafe is a place where both Jewish and non-Jewish communities come together and expressed a collective sense of responsibility, stating, “When you do something to one of us, you do something to all of us.”

Despite the distressing incident, the cafe’s owners remain undeterred in their commitment to providing coffee, pastries, and a welcoming atmosphere to their community.