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Who Is Aya Baraket? Woman Tears Down Posters Of Kidnapped Israeli Children Taken By Hamas Terrorists

A video of the woman went viral where she can be seen tearing down posters of kidnapped Israeli children taken by Hamas terrorists.

The woman has been identified as Aya Baraket. When she was confronted for her act. She said, “f*ck you and f*ck Israel” … other woman “f*ck you b*tch … f*ck you and Israel.”

Who is Aya Baraket?

Aya Baraket reportedly works at Barista in Queens. After her video went viral, several people are demanding her arrest.

One user tweeted, “If Aya Baraket has a job, do the right thing and fire her today.”

“ohhh looks like Aya Baraket is a big time barista in Queens!” one user wrote.

Meanwhile, Mohamed Khalil, a guy from Brooklyn, was taken into custody following an attempted forced removal of Israeli captive posters that was caught on camera. A group protecting the pole at 68th Street and Lexington Avenue on the Upper East Side resisted Khalil, who was wearing a Palestinian scarf. 

Jewish authorities have condemned the altercation as an act of antisemitism, highlighting the increased tensions surrounding the conflict between Israel and Hamas. After Hamas’ surprise attacks on October 7, posters showing over 200 hostages—many of them children—started to appear. Demonstrating their removal has been done in New York City as a method of protest.

Even in situations when there are no direct witnesses, the consequences of these hate crimes is obvious. Flyers that have been purposefully vandalized or are just partially destroyed can be readily identified on poles and fences.

With dismay in his voice, Rabbi Joseph Potasnik described these acts as the pinnacle of antisemitic behavior. Unable to comprehend the amount of hatred that motivates these crimes, he stressed the terrible level of inhumanity that they represent.

As the executive vice president of the New York Board of Rabbis, Potasnik observed that although antisemitism has always existed, sometimes it has been more covert and popular.