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NY Family Wants 2 Women Charged Who Ripped Down Israeli Hostage Posters While Saying ‘F–k Israel’

A New York family who confronted two potty-mouthed young women tearing down Israeli child hostage posters while screaming “F–k Israel” told The Post Thursday they’ve filed a police report and want the duo to face charges over the hateful encounter.

Marilyn Adler said she came face to face with the poster-rippers — who were featured on The Post’s Nov. 2 front page amid a slew of similar incidents — at Broadway and 79th Street on the Upper West Side while she was out with her two adult daughters Tuesday afternoon.

When they urged the women to stop ripping down the flyers, Adler said, she and her daughters were immediately hit with a torrent of abuse.

“We asked them not to take the posters down. They cursed at my daughter. I was terrified. I felt scared,” the mom said.

“I was nervous that they would pull a knife or physically harm my daughters. They were very rough.”

Footage of the encounter, shared widely online by the nonprofit group StopAntisemitism, captured Adler’s daughter Melissa asking the women to stop — as she stressed that those pictured on the posters were “innocent civilians.”

“F–k you, f–k Israel,” one of the poster-rippers was filmed screaming back.

The two young women were filmed tearing down hostage posters at Broadway and 79th Street on the Upper West Side on Tuesday afternoon.

The other woman chimed in: “F–k you, b—h.”

“They didn’t let me get a word out. They said it was Israeli propaganda. They said Israel made up the hostages with AI,” Melissa, 23, told The Post.

“I said, ‘Please have a conversation with me.’ They wouldn’t stop screaming at me. They just cursed me out and screamed at me. I was just stunned.”

She added: “They looked at me with eyes full of hatred. They hate me simply because I’m a Jew. They don’t even know me.”   

Her mom said she called 911 three times that day but cops failed to show. So she said she filed a police report late Wednesday at the 20th Precinct.

“I’m still shaking from it,” Adler said.

“I showed the police the video. I said, ‘I want to press charges and find these women.’”

“It’s the right thing,” her daughter said of her mom filing a complaint. “They harassed me, attacked me for nothing.”

“This is simply antisemitism,” Melissa added.

The incident involving the foul-mouthed poster-rippers is among a string of incidents that have occurred across the Big Apple in recent weeks ever since Hamas terrorists took more than 200 Israelis hostage on Oct. 7.

Gut-wrenching missing person posters featuring the hostages were quickly plastered across parts of Gotham — only for some to start ripping them down soon after.

“F–k you, f–k Israel,” one of the poster-rippers was filmed screaming after the family urged them to stop tearing down the flyers.

Marilyn Adler said she was “terrified” during the aggressive encounter.

“This is antisemitism at its deepest level. It’s an expression of inhumanity at its deepest level,” Rabbi Joseph Potasnik told The Post. “I don’t understand the depth of hatred.”

“Antisemitism has never left,” added Potasnik, who is executive vice president of the New York Board of Rabbis. “It was below the surface but now it’s in the mainstream.”

Mayor Eric Adams too has condemned the poster-ripping, calling it “deeply misguided.”

“Tearing down a poster of a hostage is a deeply misguided act of disrespect to victims of terrorism,” Hizzoner said in a statement.