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Who Is Callen Zimmerman? CUNY Adjunct Prof Attacks Those Filming Them Tearing Down Posters Of Kidnapped Israelis

A recent incident involving Callen Zimmerman, an academic, has taken the internet by storm, as per Daily Mail.

Zimmerman was caught on video aggressively tearing down posters that highlighted the plight of kidnapped Israelis during the shocking Hamas attacks.

This viral video has sparked outrage and discussions across social media platforms.

The widely-followed StopAntisemitism account on social media shared the video of Callen Zimmerman. Zimmerman, a graduate student at Stony Brook University, was previously listed as an adjunct professor at York College, which is part of the City University of New York system.

The video showcases an altercation between Zimmerman and onlookers who were recording the incident.

In the video, Zimmerman, who prefers they/them pronouns, is seen removing posters. When approached by a couple filming the incident, Zimmerman responds by calling them “so f**king lame.”

The couple questions Zimmerman’s actions, to which they retort with, “Go colonize somewhere else.” The situation escalates further when the onlookers express their disapproval, prompting Zimmerman to declare “free Palestine.”

The exchange becomes more heated as Zimmerman uses profanity and appears to physically shove one of the individuals filming.

Stony Brook University, where Zimmerman is a graduate student, issued a statement in response to the incident. They denounced the video as “vile and infuriating,” emphasizing that it does not represent the university’s views.

The university expressed its unwavering commitment to condemning antisemitism and supporting all members of its community.

While they indicated that they do not believe Zimmerman engaged in such conduct on campus, they announced a review of the situation and reaffirmed their dedication to values of care, respect, and civility.

In Zimmerman’s now-deleted biography, they described their interests as exploring “intricacies of material culture and queer experience” as a fashion enthusiast, educator, and maker.

Zimmerman holds a master’s degree from the CUNY Graduate Center’s Liberal Studies program and is currently pursuing a PhD in ‘women’s, gender, and sexuality studies’ at Stony Brook University.

They had been teaching fashion studies and art history at York College, though their school biography has been removed.

The video of Zimmerman’s actions has sparked intense reactions on social media.

One user on social media platform X wrote: “Disgusting that this person considers herself an ‘educator.'”

Another user expressed a more stringent view, stating: “She should be fired.”

A third user weighed in on the situation, remarking, “Inclusive till it comes to Jewish children.”

Another person commented, “Vile vile woman,” reflecting the strong emotions the video stirred.

One user took a different stance, saying, “I don’t understand all this hate towards these posters. It is truly bizarre.”