Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Multiple Swastikas Found at UMass Amherst Art Center

Police are investigating after multiple swastikas were found drawn in chalk on the walls of the Fine Arts Center at the University of Massachusetts Wednesday afternoon.

The graffiti, which included five large swastikas, was removed as quickly as possible and police were called to try to find the perpetrator, said Ed Blaguszewski, spokesman for the University.

“This act of hate is an affront to the University’s values. We reject this hateful act and remain firm in our commitment to building a more inclusive, equitable community that embraces the dignity of all,” he said in a written statement.

Along with removing the swastikas, the university will follow other protocol including setting up meetings with those directly affected, deploying support services and communicating with members of the impacted residential or academic community, he said.

Included in the list of those notified was Rabbi Aaron Fine, executive director of Hillel, which is the center of Jewish life on campus. 

“We are confident that our community’s rebuke of these hateful acts will strengthen the resolve of every member of the UMass community to stand together and reject hatred in all its forms,” Blaguszewski said. 

The discovery occurred less than a week after swastikas were drawn on multiple buildings at Smith College. Northampton and Campus police are investigating the graffiti.

Source: https://www.masslive.com/news/2019/10/multiple-swastikas-drawn-on-umass-fine-arts-center-police-investigating.html