Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Multiple Antisemitic Incidents Being Investigated at UConn


The University of Connecticut is investigating after multiple reports of antisemitic incidents on the Storrs campus.

Officials said the incidents happened in residence halls on South Campus and included vandalism to photos of a menorah and a kinara in one and there was disturbing language written on the whiteboard of another.

“These recent reports were all acts of physical damage to property, including swastika graffiti. These are undeniable symbols of antisemitism that elicit painful reminders of the Holocaust among our Jewish students, faculty, and staff,” school officials said in an email to students.

“These acts and other discriminatory acts this semester are deeply upsetting and leave a scar on members of our community whose beliefs or identities are targeted,” they added.

According to school officials, after each incident, the Residential Life staff reached out to impacted parties to offer support.

UConn said it is working with members of the Hillel community to plan an event to be held in November to address the concerns and work towards healing.

These aren’t the first happenings of antisemitism at the University; in 2017 a Jewish student was walking with a kippah on his head and a group of young women drove by yelling “’Go to the … ovens”.

Also in 2019 the school was involved in another antisemitic controversy centering around bigot Linda Sarour.