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Imam’s Wife Fired From University Of San Diego For Photo Of Jewish Star Decapitating Babies

The University of San Diego has cut ties with the wife of an imam who posted an image to social media depicting the decapitation of babies by a rolling Star of David.

Lallia Allali, who is married to Imam Taha Hassane of the Islamic Center of San Diego, is no longer listed among the school’s staff.

Allali had been a lecturer at the university’s School of Leadership and Educational Sciences

The Messenger reached out to the University of San Diego to clarify Allali’s employment status, but had yet to hear back.

Allali taught in the School of Leadership and Educational Sciences, and serves as a leadership coach for the San Diego Union-Tribune Community Advisory Board.

The X account StopAntisemitism first posted screenshots of one of Allali’s since-deleted Facebook posts, featuring what appears to be a sketch of five babies with their necks cut by the Jewish symbol. It also claims Allali was fired for it.

“We are horrified to see Lallia Allali … post this horrific image to her Facebook profile,” reads the text accompanying the StopAntisemitism post.

“The graphic shows a Jewish star murdering babies with ‘the devil is killing’ at the bottom. Allali is also the local leader of the Palestinian Youth Movement, an entity tied to the anti Israel protests occurring all over the U.S. these past few weeks.”

Colleges and universities across the U.S. have seen sharp divisions among staff and students since the Oct. 7 Hamas terror attack on Israel that killed some 1,400 Israelis.

On Monday, Jewish students at Columbia University reported they no longer felt safe, while also noting an increase in Islamophobia on campus, too. Cornell University student Patrick Dai was arrested on Tuesday over anonymous “violent” threats he’d allegedly made towards Jewish students, which were shared over the weekend on a college forum.

At Harvard University, the president announced Friday she was putting together an assemblage of advisors to help combat recent incidences of antisemitism at the school.

Earlier this month, an Illinois state employee lost her job for her online antisemitic musings. Citibank also axed an employee who voiced his hateful views on the war online.