Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Canadian Jewish School Heightens Security Measures Following Bomb Threat

The Ottawa Jewish Community School says they received an anonymous bomb threat on Tuesday afternoon.

The school says the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) was immediately contacted and initiated an investigation.

OPS says after an on-scene investigation, they determined there was no danger to the school or the Soloway Jewish Community Centre next door.

The school did not comment on whether the school was evacuated and there is no indication the incident is related to the threats made to Catholic schools across Ontario on Wednesday.

“The incident is a tragic reminder that the Jewish community must remain vigilant at a time of increased antisemitism in not only the Middle East, but also here in Canada and around the world,” said Jon Mitzmacher, head of the Ottawa Jewish Community School.

“Jewish schools should not have to consider being open as an act of courage and Jewish parents should not have to consider sending their children to school as an act of bravery.”

Mitzmacher said today marks the start of Holocaust Education Month and “this incident is another reminder that all Canadians have a role to play in both teaching and learning about the past to stand up against those who preach hatred and incite violence today.”

Police say the matter remains under investigation.

Police say they’ve been concerned about hate-motivated criminal incidents in recent weeks which includes graffitti, vandalism, hate mail and threats.

The incidents have targeted Jewish and Muslim community members, read a statement attributed to Ottawa Police Chief Eric Stubbs.

“Hate speech, symbols and other hate-motivated incidents are unacceptable,” Stubbs said.

“Those incidents can have a lasting impact not only on those who have been targeted, but throughout the neighbourhoods and communities where they occur.”

OPS says they remain in close contact with community leaders and institutions. 

There will also be an increased police presence in areas of religious and cultural significance.

Source: https://ottawa.ctvnews.ca/bomb-threat-sent-to-jewish-school-in-ottawa-s-west-end-1.6626709