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Campaign Signs in Washington Vandalized with Nazi Symbols Ahead of Election

With less than a week to go until election day, one campaign in Tacoma is dealing with vandalism of some of its campaign signs. Tacoma for All, which is campaigning to pass Initiative One on the ballot found that some of its signs had been vandalized with painted swastikas.

“It’s just an abomination to what we stand for in the United States,” Michael Locascio, who lives in Tacoma, said. “I think anything showing swastikas is a horrible thing for the United States because it reminds me of Nazi Germany.”

Ty Moore, is the campaign manager for Tacoma for All. He said this was shocking.

“We call initiative one a tenant bill of rights for Tacoma and it brings together tenant protections that have been passed in other cities across the state into a package,” Moore said. “It includes eviction protections for students, young people during the school year for failure to pay rent and a winter eviction protection for failure to pay rent and it includes relocation assistance for when excessive rent hikes force tenants to move out.”

Moore said the campaign has been polarizing with strong support on both sides.

“Obviously it’s really hurtful. We don’t know who did it but it’s a very offensive thing,” Moore said. “We have no reason to believe the official opposition had anything to do with it.”

The Tacoma-Pierce County Realtors Association which opposes the measure put out this statement saying:

The No On Tacoma Measure 1 campaign is shocked to learn that Tacoma Measure 1 advocate political signs in Tacoma have been defaced. These actions are abhorrent and have no place in our society. Interfering with elections communications in any way is also illegal, and in this context is far worse than simply breaking the law. The No on Tacoma Measure 1 campaign is not involved in any way with these actions and asks for anyone with knowledge of this activity please step forward. -The Tacoma-Pierce County Realtors Association

Source: https://www.kiro7.com/news/local/its-just-an-abomination-tacoma-all-campaign-signs-vandalized-with-swastikas/GFPEEJFIDZH7JBOWBV7GGZH65Q/