Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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When You Tell a Jewish Person You’d Put Them in a Gas Chamber, You’re Going to Get Fired

Jihadi scum buckets are living among us, and they’re being exposed. We all knew the Left’s bellowing about white supremacy being an existential threat was nonsensical. It seems antisemitism was the real culprit, hidden by years of left-wing hyperbole about other phantom threats. It masked the obvious: there are a lot of Democratic Party supporters who support an Israeli genocide. And it’s not an exclusively American problem—Britain’s Labour Party is awash with antisemites. 

A banker for Citibank was fired for her atrocious posts about Jewish people and Hitler. Now, a lawyer for the Illinois comptroller’s office has been terminated over social media posts where she mentioned throwing Jews in gas chambers (via NBC Chicago): 

An attorney with the Illinois comptroller’s office was fired Thursday over antisemitic comments she made earlier in the day on Instagram. 

A screenshot of the Instagram exchange was reposted to X. The comptroller’s office was made aware of the posts about 12:30 p.m., the office said. 

Comptroller Susana Mendoza’s office contacted the employee about an hour and a half later, then fired her after she admitted to some of the comments, the office said. 

“Comptroller Mendoza has zero tolerance for antisemitism or hate speech,” a statement from Mendoza’s office said.

According to Reuters, the employee fired is legal counsel Sarah Chowdhury, who made the comments in private direct messages with an Instagram account called Big Law Boiz. 

“All you zionists will pay” and “Hitler should have eradicated all of you,” were among the remarks she allegedly made in the exchange, according to Reuters. 

A screenshot of other messages she allegedly sent, which the Big Law Boiz account made public earlier Thursday, included, “Hopefully someone sends you anthrax or poison and you die a slow terrible death” and “Burn in hell.” 

Chowdhury won’t be the last. Doctors, attorneys, law students, and other professionals are being busted for their hatred of Jews. It’s not about two states or living peacefully. These people want the destruction of Israel, which is continually suffocated with a pillow because the liberal media is too busy peddling Hamas propaganda.