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Neo-Nazi Recruitment Letter Sent to Postal Office Worker in South Carolina

A resident in a South Carolina town has described her shock after she received a recruitment flyer for a neo-Nazi group in the post. Sharon Merkel, of Little River, received a letter asking “all able white men and woman [sic]” to join the National Socialist Movement (NMS) along with a donation card to give money to the white supremacist group.

The letter, obtained by WBTV, features a caricature of a man with a swastika armband urging people to “come into the ranks of the fastest growing Nationalist Socialist Party.”

The letter adds: “Don’t stay in the crowd and stare you are wanted at the front!” The flyer also includes a phone number, a Florida-based P.O. Box number and website for the neo-Nazi group. The P.O. box listed as the return address on the envelope gave a local Little River address.

“It’s okay to have a difference of opinion, but I mean you see a swastika,” Merkel told WBTV. “I see a swastika and that’s never right. That’s 100 percent wrong under all circumstances. Every time, every day, everywhere. We don’t do swastikas in this country.”

After Merkel made the local post office aware of the letter, it was sent to the USPS investigative unit for investigation. A voicemail on the number listed on the flyer contains a number of racist and anti-Semitic statements, as well as referring to the LGBT community as “degenerate freaks “who are “pushing pedophilia.”

“Year after year white Americans labor at their workplace only to have a few shackles thrown at them on payday,” the message states. “Afterwards they are told to keep their mouths shut otherwise they call them racist and they are lucky to have a job at all.

“The political struggle you see before you today are pure smoke and mirrors. Democrats and Republicans are too weak to handle the current issues in the U.S. and our track record proves it. Donald Trump and his excuses as to why the border wall has not been built and why the federal government will not use the military to secure our borders.

“Make no mistake, border responsibility is the responsibility of the federal government, not the individual state.”

Source: https://www.newsweek.com/nazi-letter-south-carolina-little-river-usps-1468663