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Adolf Hitler, SS Guard Halloween Costumes Cause Outrage

A man dresses up as Adolf Hitler in Madison, WI on Saturday October 29

UPDATE November 2nd: Madison Children’s Museum has fired the Wisconsin man after he wore an Adolf Hitler costume over the Halloween weekend; more here.

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A man in Manhattan dressed up in a Nazi uniform, taking scary to another level on Halloween, the one night a year when people of all ages dress up in spooky costumes. 

This man went to a bar in Soho in his Nazi costume where the people shamed and threatened him until he left the bar.

A video of the incident went viral on Twitter Saturday night. In the video, the man could be seen smiling in a full Nazi uniform complete with the swastika armband. The video had been viewed around 1.7 million times since it was posted.

The man was denied service by the bartender and had arguments with other customers at the bar who told him to leave.

According to The New York Post, the hostess that was working the brunch shift the next day said that no one working that night recognized the man.

Another Nazi costume incident occured at the University of Wisconsin Madison where a man dressed up as not only a Nazi but the original Nazi himself, Adolf Hitler.

StopAntisemitism tweeted two pictures of the man in his costume.

“We are nauseated to see a man has dressed up as Adolf Hitler to celebrate Halloween at the U. Wisconsin Madison,” StopAntisemitism wrote. “With antisemitic incidents on the rise at both this particular school and across the country, this costume was meant to do one thing, and one thing only – spread hate.”

Antisemitism has been debated a lot around the world in the last few weeks following a series of antisemitic comments made by Kanye West for which multiple business and social connections dropped ties with him.