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Who are Kelly Ann and Noah Schaffer? Couple Caught Ripping Up Posters of Israeli Child Hostages

The two vandals in New York City who were confronted in a viral video for tearing down posters of Israeli child hostages kidnapped by Hamas militants on October 7 have now been identified.

In the video, Brooklyn ‘magician’ Noah Schaffer and his wife Kelly Ann, a city social worker and teacher, were seen being confronted by an unnamed Jewish woman after tearing down another set of posters.

They are believed to be part of a wider group of pro-Palestine activists taking it upon themselves to take down the posters in New York and other western cities.

The video begins with the unnamed Jewish woman approaching the couple to try to snatch away the posters that were already torn down by the couple, reprimanding them for their actions.

Kelly remained silent, clutching the posters in her hand. 

Her husband Noah then laughed at the Jewish woman who had confronted them, saying, “We don’t consent to you recording us,” and promptly walked away

The video was posted on X on October 22 on a page named ‘StopAntisemitism’ which claims to be the “leading non-partisan American based organization fighting antisemitism.”

Their caption to the video read, “WOW – a Jewish woman in Brooklyn confronts a couple removing posters of missing Israeli children kidnapped by Hamas terrorists. Notice how the man cynically laughs at the Jewish woman. Recognize them? DM us!”

It was later brought to light that the pair lived in a $900,000 apartment in Prospect Park South.  Noah previously worked for ‘A Taste of Magic’, a magic and dinner show on the Upper West Side.

Kelly, his wife, previously worked as a social worker at Urban Dove, a city school program in New York.

She is listed among protesters on the website ‘Antifa Watch’ after being arrested in New Jersey at a protest outside the Bergen County Jail where she and others demonstrated against ICE. 

Noah now works as an Executive UX Strategist at Human Factors International, according to an update on the Twitter thread.

The couple have since deleted their social media and LinkedIn accounts. 

They join a growing list of students and pro-Palestine protesters who have been filmed removing posters depicting Jewish hostages in the city.